Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bannerghatta National Park

Jose n me had a short drive to Bannerghatta National Park around 15kms from city. When stepped into the park, one guy coming out told us that there is nothing worth watching...
We went in without much expectations, but for us, the visit was just for killing some time in lush greenery and clicking some snaps. Overall the trip was memorable, though there was no scope for a long bike ride.
The foto below taken by a guy, who asked us
"Where are u from?"
We: "From Kerala"
Guy: "Came in bike?"
We: "Yes"
Guy: "Its a long drive. right?"
We: "No. Its just 15kms"
Guy: "Oh my god.. Is this place so close to Kerala border?"
The great 'Praayikkara Paappaan'.Trying to catch a bird!

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