Monday, July 31, 2006

The Theyyams of Malabar

Recently came across articles on various Theyyams of malabar.

Link details and citations from the article:

1. The Theyyams of Malabar - Photographs of Pepita Seth

"The fantastical and the real, the exotic and the ordinary, the extravagant and the simple, all seem to merge seamlessly in British-born photographer Seth's work, which focuses exclusively on Hindu rituals in India's southern state of Kerala. While her subject might be the ultimate exotic, her direct approach to towards it, her emphasis on giving the whole picture and not just the sensational and the dramatic, lends a unique down-to-earth flavor to her photographs."

2. Demystifying the exotic - Priya Malhotra

"While most Western images of India still have an awestruck voyeurism to them, British-born photographer Pepita Seth has achieved a rare accomplishment - she has managed to see the country with local eyes."

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