Friday, September 01, 2006

An escape

I was a small kid may be 8-9 years. During that time we had a big pond infront of our house in Nadakkav. The pond was surrounded by agricultural land and was around 20 mts away from the house. After rainy season, the pond will be full of crystal clear water. Lots of fishes will be there. This will be time for me & cousin, jitheshettan to do all sort of activities, catching fishes, playing in water etc.
The clothes also used to be washed there by geetechi. One day in afternoon, while geetechi was washing clothes in the pond, me and jitheshettan were playing in the water. Towards the edges the pond was shallow and we were given strict warning by geetechi not to go beyond some point after which pond becomes deep.

After sometime jitheshettan said he will go to house and get a plain cloth so that we can catch fish using it like a net. He left the place.

I was enjoying the light sunlight and playing in water. Also I started making some noise by splashing the water. There were tall grasses towards the edge of the pond. I was getting bored playing in the edge of the pond.

I looked at geetechi, she was washing the clothes facing the other side. It was best time for me to do the experimentation. I caught hold of the tall grass, which i felt to be strong enough. I started walking towards the center of the pond.
Everything going perfect, no issues, the pond is not so deep. I became more confident, i took few more steps, made sure that my grip on the tall grass is strong.

Without giving an option me to send an "SOS" call, I was now in deep water. I was struggling for breath. I could see blue sky for a moment and fishes swimming in water... I dont remember what i did and how many times i saw the sky.
Suddenly, i felt somebody holding my hair and dragging me, i was experiencing in semi-concious state. After sometime, i was outside the pond my mouth facing the sky.

Geetechi asked me "ninakkenthengilum prashnam undo?"
I dont remember what i replied.
Jitheshettan was near me and he pumped water out of me pushing my stomach.

After sometime I was back in my sense.

After sometime everything was told to me like a flashback...
<< Rewind

When jitheshettan was coming back from house, he saw something like a small coconut (my head) coming out of water for a second and going into water. Then he realized I was not there. Geetechi was busy washing the clothes.
Realizing the situation, jitheshettan cried loud "vipu vellathil mungiyeee...", as soon as geetechi heard this, she jumped into water. By this time i was almost in the center of the pond. She is a good swimmer and she pulled me out!

My parents were told about this only after a year or so!
I am grateful to geetechi for saving me :)

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