Monday, September 25, 2006

One day at Mysore

Started on Saturday evening to Mysore... It was kind of unplanned visit.
Started at around 3PM from Diray circle to Mysore. There were some confusions regarding the mode of transport.
Initially we planned to take the train, which is at 2.15PM from Majestic. Another option we thought of is going by bike. Since there were only two travellers, I felt it may not be good idea to travel in bike... Bike travel needs atleast 4 people and 2 bikes.

Finally decided to go by bus from Majestic. Cousin (Viju) joined me at Majestic. There was no advanced booking since there were busses frequently. Lots of people were waiting for volvo. So we decided to take Rajahamsa bus. Within 5 mins, Veerajpet bus came, which travels via Mysore. Got front seats. Tickets per person costed around Rs. 85.
The road was really good and the i did not waste much time and started off to sleep. After sometime, i was awakened by the smell of roasted groundnuts, which Viju bought at some place on the way. On the way he was also taking photos from inside the bus.

Bangalore - Mysore Highway

Overtaking a car...

Rail beside the highway

We reached Mysore around 8 PM and checked into Nandini lodge beside suburban bus station. Kept the bag there and started roaming around. The whole city was decorated for the Dussera festival. Took lots of snaps.

Mysore clocktower

Viju crossing road

Statue near clocktower

Palace view and Gaanamela

There were lots of people, elepahants and horse carriages with traditionally dressed people.
Some events were going on. Ganamela was there infront of the palace. Colorful fireworks from Chamundeshwari hills marked the starting of festival. The entire city was decorated with golden coloured lights.

Me infront of palace...

Full view of Mysore palace

Palace in Lights

Palace Again.. and horse too

Another angle of Mysore palace


Decoration on road side

Around 11 we went back to lodge, had food and slept like a log.
Next day we had planned to visit Dineshettan. Around 10 we started to his place that was around 3 kms from city. Met Dineshettan. He has a shop at Kalyangiri Nagar. Roamed around with him in nearby places till evening. Understood that lots of infrastructure things are cominng up in the city.

Dineshettan & Friend

More friends of Dineshettan

That's me


The city is a small one. Dineshettan is there since last 15-20 years and said that lots of changes are happening since last 1 year. Dineshettan is extremely helpful and never we felt that we were meeting him for first time!
After saying good bye to Dineshettan, we started to city. Went straight to St. Philomina's church. Took some fotos, bought some momentos outside the church and then went to lodge.

St. Philomina's church

Bhoomiyude avakashikal

Keychain art!

Kerala SRTC taking rest in Mysore

Simple art

Viju sparing a moment in between bargaining

Boy selling watermelons

It was around 5 PM by that time. After checking out from the room, went straight to bus station and got into the first Volvo waiting there. Got back seats.

Kaveri river

Inside Volvo

Once the bus started, they put some Kannada movie. Sleep conquered me without much delay. After sometime, i got up.
The movie was still going on. The cold atmosphere inside the bus somehow kept me away from sleep. Patiently started watching the movie. It seemed to a relatively old Kannada movie (90's). Heroine was Sunita (who acted in some Malayalam movie).
The movie was proceeding in an unexpected manner (no proper storyline). Somehow the movie finished after sometime.
By that time we were in Majestic.

Majestic - the end of journey!

Got down there and caught next bus to Diary Circle. Reached room at around 9 PM. After having food, slept peacefully.

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